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dbo music

original music by dan boneh

& friends

dbo music presents a collection of 12 different albums I have recorded over the years. Some of the songs are my original compositions, some are songs written and performed by African artists I recorded (Iddi Sakka, Aaron Sukura, Eko Howard & Ben Antwi).

I was helped along by my collaborator and friend, Sergio Barcala who played, arranged and edited many of the tracks. I provide specific information and credits on each album in the album page, as well as some photos and information. 

In the earlier cuts (mostly in the reggae album, In Babylon, I benefited from the talents of Hagai Mizrahi who played and arranged several tracks.  An important contributor to In Babylon was Ben Antwi who arranged, played, sang and edited several track.  

My partner, Gabriela Paloa, wrote lyrics to several tunes.


Songs I am working on these days (2021) are included in the As of Late album.


Manolita, in Spanish, is accorded a special album with an interesting story. Please give it a listen.  

You can hear all the music, but if you want to download it, or make commercial use of it (please do) - contact me at +972-54-9441141 or send an email to:  I would love to hear from you, feel free to use the Feedback Button   -  


thanks for listening ! 



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