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As of Late

Dan Boneh & Sergio Barcala

About the album

The year is 2021 - Corona is all around and we are in the midst of recording new tracks, this time along the Blues grooves. I come up with the musical ideas, then with Sergio Barcala, we dig into the fabric of each tune, and the maestro, plays the various instruments. I sing. 

Gabriela suggested that we come up with songs that have social or political messages – the songs we present here attempt to do that: “This is too much” expresses the burden of certain world leaders (names withheld), they are too much to bear. “Assessing Life” is about the global warming catastrophic threat and Pangolin Blues is about the impact of COVID 19 on our lives. Original music. 

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You can read information about the song in the liner notes by clicking the note-sign -             

on the right hand side of the playing line. 

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Blue Red Gradient
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