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Armageddon Symphony

Dan Boneh

About the album

This tune was swiveling round my head for ages. At first, I recorded the song Armageddon which appears in the Development album: “It’s an Armageddon, it is lost control, it’s a mad mad struggle, it’s a rat race war”.  The song Time, which appears in the In Babylon album is also based on this same tune. 
I decided to explore the “classical” aspects of the music because I always sensed the grandiosity of it, the symphonic potential.  So, I asked Sergio Barcala to gather his classical trainings and to compose it as a symphony. 
The whole piece is a Sergio Barcala tour de force: instrumentation, dynamic, development, climax – only the original score was mine. 
As for the meaning of Armageddon, the final collapse of civilization, inspired by the battle of Megiddo, where the last battle between good and evil will be fought.  I feel that there are so many places in the world where the Armageddon battle is going on: Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria are only preludes to devastation and collapse that are awaiting humanity in the coming years.  “Got to get away from here now, got to run and hide, all the time”. 

© Dan Boneh & Sergio Barcala 

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