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Dan Boneh & Sergio Barcala

About the album

STALBET in colloquial Hebrew (derived from Arabic) is to take it easy, not to worry, to stay calm. 
I was into Yoga at the time when they used to play quiet, shanty music in the background.  I wanted to add the music that played inside my head as I was breathing in and breathing out.    
My music partner, Sergio Barcala, transformed my ideas into the tracks you hear on STALBET.  He played most of the instruments (although it is me who plays balofon in the Ahava track),  arranged and mixed the album. 
Put it on and do some yoga - it'll calm you down.
All tracks by: Dan Boneh & Sergio Barcala
All tracks are instrumental so I didn’t bother with notes for each song.  But the first track, Elgon Mountain,  should be noted for the contrast of the beautiful slopes of this Ugandan mountain with what is lurking within the slopes, the guerrillas, the insurgents, the threat of violence.   Sergio incorporated chants of Ethiopian monks together with Tibetan priests citing prays, making this a true “world music” piece. Original music.

© Dan Boneh & Sergio Barcala

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