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Madina Market

Aaron Sukura  

About the album

Aaron Sukura is my old teacher of balofon whom I met in Ghana in 2000. When I returned in 2006, I knew that I wanted to record with Aaron, and we decided to do some original compositions, not the regular traditional Ghanaian music that Aaron does with his band: The Local Dimension (check them out if you come to Accra). Since Aaron lived not too far from my place in Teiman, we were able to meet and record the Madina Market album. We started by listening to grooves that I programmed on the laptop (using Nuendo software), and Aaron chose the ones he liked. Aaron's singing keeps the tracks African – although this is the ultimate fusion, blending all the world music into one new genre – Afro-Ambient music. 

© Lyrics by Aaron Sukura, Music by Aaron Sukura and Dan Boneh, except: no. 2 & no. 4: music by Aaron Sukura, Dan Boneh and Sergio Barcala.   
Music production, arrangements and mixes by: Sergio Barcala 
Lead vocal:  Aaron Sukura
Balofon & Accoustic guitar: Aaron Sukura 
Rhythms, loop programming and background vocals: Dan boneh
All modern instruments on Dagari Vibes and Zongo Spirits & background vocals: Sergio Barcala
Flute on Dagari Vibes:  Marcelo Zuber  
Recorded in Teiman, Ghana – 2006 by Dan Boneh

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