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Gonja Dreams

Iddi Saaka

About the album

Iddi, is like my son (in law), surprised us all with a beautiful voice and some genuine African songs that reflect his growing up in Bole, in northern Ghana, among the Gonja tribes of the region.   The Gonja are mostly subsistence farmers cultivating yam, maize, cassava and peanuts.  Music and dance are deeply rooted in the culture of the Gonja.  All social events, festivities and daily activities, are occasions for dancing, drumming and singing.  
The Gonja Dreams album is the result of cooperation between Iddi Saaka, Roee Levi, the musical director of the project, and Dan Boneh who produced and provided the recording facilities.

Guitar: Roee Levi, keyboards: Dan Boneh, Bass: Ben Antwi, additional guitars: Gadi Ben Elisha. Recording assistance: Hagai Mizrahi.  

All compositions and lyrics are by Iddi Saaka.  The album was recorded and produced at the dbo facility in Tel Aviv, during 2002-2003.  

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