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I have been here before

Dan Boneh

About the album

This album was recorded at my Florentine balcony studio as I developed my relationship with Gabriela Paloa who contributed most of the lyrics to the collection. Gabriela introduced a political context to her writings of these pop tunes. The Tsunami song after the Tsunami disaster in Japan (the video received quite a lot of views on YouTube), or “The Islands belong to the sea” with reference to the Falkland Islands war between England and Argentina.
We would gather at the rooftop, play table-tennis, hear a lot of reggae music, and tunes would pop out. These were the days when Ben Antwi came to stay and I benefited greatly from his talents, as well as Sergio Barcala who arranged and played on many of the tunes. I provide specific credits to each song in the liner notes. Original music.

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