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Dan Boneh, Ben Antwi,

Hagai Mizrahi

About the album

This album compiles my earlier compositions recorded at my Gordon Street home studio in Tel Aviv during the years 2002-2003. An important contributor was Hagai Mizrahi who was just about to launch his recording career before he went to Los Angeles where he opened his own professional studio. He introduced me to the Nuendo recording software and taught me the magic of song production.  
Gadi Ben Elisha (who died unexpectedly in 2021) lived downstairs and would come up to record tunes. All guitars in this album are of his playing. This is also when Ben Antwi joined, and later Sergio Barcala – the team was ready to record the tunes you hear. Specific liner notes are provided for each song separately. Original music.

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You can read information about the song in the liner notes by clicking the note-sign -             

on the right hand side of the playing line. 

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